A Female-Owned, GDOT Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)


SEI traffic engineers understand the importance of service integration and multi-modal transportation alternatives that minimize congestion and delays for motorists and support the continued growth of communities. Not many civil engineering firms provide this service in-house concurrent with other design processes. SEI
does. Engineering studies of projected traffic flows, future traffic impact, traffic control system optimization and design, transit, pedestrian and bike access, and site-specific parking contribute to the total transportation solutions that SEI can deliver.

Registered professionals with impressive experience in their field, their work is vital in the early planning stages of a development and facilitates the flow of traffic to existing roadway networks.


  • Engineering studies and reports for proposed residential, commercial, mixed-use developments, and developments of regional impact.
  • Traffic impact studies that determine the impact a proposed development may have on an existing roadway network.
  • Capacity analyses that indicate an intersection’s level of service for existing and future conditions.
  • Signal warrant analyses that determine the need for turn lanes, traffic signals, and any additional traffic improvements necessary for proposed growth and development.
  • Signal timing and phasing plans that (based on the characteristics of an intersection or group of intersections) detail the timing parameters for programming traffic signal controllers.
  • Traffic engineering studies and concept reports for Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) projects as outlined in the plan development process.

Meet The Team

Here are people behind our success
Teresa Epple, PE, PTOE
Traffic Manager

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Steven Foy, PE, PTOE
Traffic Engineer

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David Turner, EIT
Traffic Specialist

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Mary Thumaty, EIT
Traffic Specialist

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